Customer Loses Rs. 23,000 To Fraudsters While Booking Table at Mocha Guwahati

Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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Customer Loses Rs. 23,000 To Fraudsters While Booking Table at Mocha Guwahati

Amar Das | November 04, 2019 15:51 hrs

GUWAHATI: In a shocking phone scam incident, Surabhi Sharma, a resident of Guwahati was cheated after she tried to book a table at Mocha, a popular cafe in the city. Around Rs. 23,000 was fraudulently withdrawn from her account when she called the cafe’s number, as listed on Google (8927660407).

Talking to G Plus, Sharma said “I found the number on Google, which read that it was of Mocha, Guwahati. After they received the call, they asked me to transfer Rs. 10 through Google Pay and asked me to share my UPI ID as a part of an advance towards booking the table. I trusted them as their number was registered on Google. In a short while, I received a message that Rs 23,000 was deducted from my account in three instalments of Rs. 10,000, twice and Rs. 3,000 the third time.”

Authorities at Mocha Guwahati said that they have registered a complaint along with the victim at the Bhangagarh Police Station. They added that around three similar cases have been reported so far and thus they had posted a disclaimer across their social media handles earler, asking the public to be aware of the fraudulent number (8927660407) which was listed on Google as Mocha’s Customer Care number.

It is to be mentioned that in 2017, a similar incident had happened where customers were cheated after placing order at a fraudulent number of KFC Lachit Nagar outlet available on Google listings.

Speaking to G Plus, T. Sarkar, a Brand Manager at a local creative agency said, “Business institution and outlets which have social presence should keep all the contact numbers on the internet updated, otherwise there is a risk of losing potential customers and business not to mention the damage to the brand's reputation.”

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  • Xyz

    This shows Google security is still weak am gonna uninstall my Google pay now.

  • Suraj bhuyan

    I also have the call recording with this no.

  • Kapil

    Still don't understand how using just the UPI id someone was able to swindle the money! Google should clarify. Truecaller shows as some fraud number

  • Suraj bhuyam

    They are playing the same trick till now, I called at this no. And they are telling the same procedure to me.

  • Bikash Baruah

    I called at this number only and the person asked me also to pay rs 10 . The number is still active and they are still trying to loot people . No actions has been taken from police side .