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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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Dhrubajyoti Kakati- the young Assamese boy who is best known for his innovations

G Plus Digital Desk | May 09, 2017 12:23 hrs

oration-style:initial">Dhrubajyoti Kakati, the 20 year old Assamese boy, who hails from Morisuti, Pathalipahar, is making name all over for his creative innovations. Ideating and experimenting since childhood, he has pioneered concepts, and directed towards empowering the physically challenged, farmers, and the common people at large.

oration-style:initial">Dhrubajyoti Kakati is the founder of Haritkona - a bimonthly science newspaper, Haritkona TV, Idea Study, and Designing Centre, and KrixomNET, an agricultural startup.

oration-style:initial">The innovations of Dhrubajyoti include utility machines and products, which are intended to make lives of people easier. From crutch to umbrella, the list of innovations includes items which could be utilized by people in everyday life.

oration-style:initial">He has designed a special crutch for the physically challenged, which is light in weight and easy to use. The crutch comes with a water bottle carrier.

oration-style:initial">The umbrella helper is one of the most creative innovations by him. At an expense of Rs 80- 100, any umbrella can be equipped with a solar panel-torch assembly to allow riders have a safe ride through the dark roads. The umbrella helper box is operated by a small (6V) solar plate. The idea behind the innovation is to help people commute safely on a rainy night.


oration-style:initial">The grilling device invented by Dhrubajyoti can be used to bake chappatis, and smoke non-vegetarian delicacies. The pedal operated grinder is easy to use and needs no electricity.


oration-style:initial">Kakati has also created a low cost seed driller which can be used for drilling seeds in a crop field. The machine comes with furrow making, seed drilling, and furrow covering system.

oration-style:initial">Dhrubajyoti was conferred with Leadership Award in 2016, by The Assam News and ‘Top 100 Youth Leader of India 2016’ by Indian Youth Forum for his innovations. He was honoured ‘Student Product Innovator of the year 2017.’


oration-style:initial">This young boy considers Thomas Alva Edison, APJ Abdul Kalam, and Uddhab Bharali to be his inspirations, and aims to be a successful entrepreneur in the future.



Dhrubajyoti with his inventions


Young innovator with the Umbrella helper

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