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Thursday, 01 October 2020

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Dist Admin Allows 15 Additional Petrol Pumps to Operate, Details Inside

G Plus News | June 30, 2020 15:35 hrs

GUWAHATI: In continuation of its earlier order, the district administration of Kamrup (M) has allowed the following petrol pumps to operate during lockdown period for refuelling of vehicles engaged in essential services and vehicles commuting through the NH-37.

1. Goswami Service Station, GNB Road, Silpukhuri, Guwahati 

2. Ambika Service Station, Zoo Road Tinali, Guwahati 

3. Saraighat Service Station, Adabari, Guwahati 

4. Baruah Service

Station, Ambari, Guwahati 

5. Deka Filling Station, Rukmanigaon, Guwahati 

6. Kiran Senice Stanon, Wireless, Beltola Guwahati 

7. Nessa Service Station, GS Road, Guwahati 

8. Prabhat OU Station, Santipur, Guwahati 

9. Shree Service Station, Betkuchi, Guwahati 

10. Kiran Fuel Station, Nursery, Guwahati 

11. Shivam Filling Station, Borbari, Guwahati 

12. Baroi Service Station, Borbari VIP Road, Guwahati 

13. NES, Lakhra Road, Guwahati 

14. Raj Energv Station, Jyotikuchi, Guwahati 

15. Refinery Co-operative Petrol Pump, Noonmati, Guwahati


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