District Admin Declares Assam Secretariat as 'Protected Area'
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District Admin Declares Assam Secretariat as 'Protected Area'

G Plus News | January 07, 2020 15:03 hrs

GUWAHATI: In the interest of public safety and security, the Kamrup (M) administration has declared the area in and around the Assam Secretariat as 'Protected Area'.

According to a press notification Kamrup (M) DC, Biswajit Pegu stated that in order to regulate the entry of unauthorized persons except the bonafide residents and public servants of the Assam Civil Secretariat and other offices attached thereto no person shall enter into or stay in or pass over or loiter in or around the scheduled area in the vicinity thereof without prior permission from the District Magistrate, Kamrup Metropolitan or any officer duly authorized by him on his behalf or the Commissioner of Police, Guwahati.

Violation of this order by any person shall be liable to be punished under Sub-Section (5) of Section 8 F of the Act.  

Schedule:- The area covered by-

East:- Southern side of the G.S. Road starting from Ganeshguri Flyover up to Super Market Police Point ;

South:- 60ft road staring from Super Market Police Point to Last Gate.

West:- From Last Gate along the R.P. Road up to the entry point ALA

North:- From Ganesh Mandir up to Ganeghguri Chariali. 

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