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Dynamic academic duo playing significant roles in grooming students

GPlus | July 25, 2016 18:37 hrs

Well known academic duo, Dr. N.K. Dutta and Nandini Dutta, both long associated with the academic line of work, have seen successful careers with the former being the principal and founder of Miles Bronson Residential School (MBRS) while his wife is the director of Akash Coaching Institute. It was in 1987 that Dutta had started MBRS with a small set up and with only 17 students in a rented house in Jyotinagar. After one year, with the surging demand for seats and the requirement of more space,

he wanted to shift the school but found no takers who would give their premises on rent to a school as it basically spoils the building and the surroundings. However, he was lucky to find a rented house in Beltola as Benudhar Borgohain was kind enough to provide his house on rent.    Dr. Dutta had enthusiastically completed his LL.B. but he never practiced as he chose to venture into his own business. After completing his Masters he joined a tea garden. However, he didn’t quite enjoy the job and therefore made up his mind to start a boarding school for the students of the state. He completed his pre degree (Arts) from Cotton College and graduation and Masters in History from Kirorimal College, Delhi and did his Ph.D. from Tilak Maharashtra University, Pune. Presently, he has been selected to pursue the Doctorate of Education program by the Exeter University, UK.      During his academic career he observed that most of the students in Delhi University had come from some of the most reputed boarding schools, were very knowledgeable and had rounded personalities. They were also very active in all student-related activities. This observation helped him in firming up his decision to start a boarding school in Assam for the children of the state. “Everyone cannot be a doctor or engineer but it is very important that a child should be groomed with the exceptional qualities inherent in him or her. Students who pass out from boarding schools have such qualities and they can play a variety of sports like basketball, volleyball, football, etc. which is required. To provide such opportunities, I started MBRS here in Guwahati so that children could get the best of facilities. From the small set up that I started with, the school now has quite a big campus on 83 bighas of land. I believe it is the biggest boarding school campus in Assam,” Dr. Dutta reiterated.   He said that the students who passed out from MBRS have grown up with rounded personalities and not just as professionals. “One should have the quality of a good human being and we guide each and every student to be an expert in all the fields and not just be academically bright. Extra-curricular activities are very important. One can make a career in sports, dance, acting, singing, etc. and it is only in MBRS that students are being provided with training in these things so that they can choose a career in any of these lines,” Dr. Dutta said.   As on date, most of the students pass the examination by learning from the textbook but don’t have the general knowledge which is very important to groom up a responsible personality. “There are many boarding schools which impart only academic knowledge which is not sufficient. When I was studying I saw the way the students were groomed outside. This inspired me to give shape and direction to MBRS,” said Dutta.   Dr. Dutta is passionate about educating children and his wife Nandini Dutta, who became associated with the education business after she got married to Dr. Dutta, complements this passion. “I was never into the teaching profession before. It was after my marriage that I entered the teaching profession when Mr. Dutta started MBRS. After MBRS got good response from parents they urged me to start a coaching centre for the students who want to crack medical and engineering entrance exams. That is how I started the first centre in Panbazar in 2003. I received very good response from the students and parents and eventually I had to reject many applications due to non-availability of seats. Rejecting students due to non-availability of seats bothered me and I decided to start another centre in Ganeshguri for the benefit of the students,” said Nandini Dutta.   She said that apart from national level engineering and medical preparation, the program of Akash aims at offering assistance to students to prepare for the state board exams as well. “The students come out with good results. When parents came to know about the institute many of them requested me to open a centre in Dharapur for the students of this part of the city. Panbazar or Ganeshguri is obviously too much of a distance to cover for such students. Therefore I opened the centre in Dharapur and also one in Silchar,” she added.     Dr. Dutta received the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Silver Award on 19th November, 2005. He has been selected for the prestigious Project Zero Classroom Programme by the Principal’s Centre, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, Boston, USA in July, 2015. He has also been awarded the Best District Principal Award (2015) conferred by Science Olympiad Foundation for exemplary performance by Bronsonians in the Science Olympiad. Dr. Dutta has been awarded Educational Leadership Award 2010 by the Educational Leadership International Roundtable Conference, Lucknow, on 4th August last year. He has also been conferred the 2nd North East Excellence Award in the large entrepreneur category by the Indian Chamber of Commerce for contribution in the field of education.    As he loves to spend time with children and to guide them properly, he spends most of his time in the school. “The parents just admit them to the school and pay the fees but it is my responsibility to look after them. If anything goes wrong I will be blamed. Therefore, I keep an eye on each and every student. My wife says that people have only one or two kids but I have 500 kids! This is a great feeling. A coffee table book will also be published by an institute of Bangalore where 20 schools have been selected for the new millennium. MBRS is the only school from the northeast to be selected to feature in this prestigious book,” said Dutta.   Both the educational institutions have been a great base of education for the students as MBRS grooms the students till Class XII after which they get the opportunity to take coaching in the Akash institute to crack medical and engineering entrance exams.   
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