Excerpts from PM Narendra Modi’s speech in Guwahati, 9th February
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Excerpts from PM Narendra Modi’s speech in Guwahati, 9th February

Chetan Bhattarai | February 09, 2019 15:16 hrs

The overwhelming gathering at the rally

“The excitement in Assam is so overwhelming. One rally breaks the record of the other. Seeing all this we will need a bigger ground next time”

Salutations and tributes

“This is the land of great people like Sankardeva, Madhavdev, Ajan Fakir, Swargadeo Chaulung, Sukapha. A place, where bravery of bir Lachit Barphukan flow through the veins of the people.”

Bhupen Hazarika and Gopinath Bordoloi

The PM recited a line from Dr. Bhupen Hazarika’s poem and talked about his about his contribution and also what he did through his voice for the needy. “I offer my tributes to Bharat Ratna Bhupen Hazarika. For Assam and the Country through his songs Bhupen da gave so much. It took decades for to give a proper recognition to India's national's gem. I wish he was alive and had received the Bharat Ratna. It is for you to decide who is responsible for this delay.”

“Today I want to talk about Assam’s true son, Gopinath Bordoloi who was conferred a Bharat Ratna and had to wait for Atal Bihari Vajpayee.”

BC and AD: Before Congress and After Dynasty

“I want to ask, why they did not recognise the true gems of Assam and why for decades those who sacrificed their lives for the county have been neglected. On the other hand there are some people in this country who by the virtue of birth get Bharat Ratna.”

“I am proud that we got the opportunity to respect Assam's two sons, Dr. Bhupen Hazarika and Bordoloi Those who forget their heroes they also forgot the development of Assam.”

Neglected paradise

“We kept hearing about northeast and Assam as the Neglected Paradise or the Neglected Region and people used to ask if someone stays east of Kolkata. But today, the news is more about infra push in the northeast, digital push in northeast, first time rail and air connectivity, electrification of villages, completion of long, pending projects.”

“The interim budget shows our dedication towards the northeast and Assam. The central government gave Assam and the northeast an increase of over 21 per cent in the budget. Also, tax benefit of Rs. 5 lakh will help Assam and northeast as most of the youth will be away from tax bracket.”

“For the northeast and Assam many projects have been inaugurated and foundation stones have been laid. Ongoing projects at Numaligarh Refinery, Barauni pipeline, gas processing plant, LPG storage vessel and many more such projects will make Assam a hub of oil and gas plus and will provide strength to the nation’s economy,

Connectivity in the Northeast and Assam

“We are trying to strengthen the northeast economy and so are improving the connectivity through projects like Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Bridge or the Bogibeel Bridge. The north and south bridge connecting the two banks here is a big step. It will reduce the distance from one and half hours to just fifteen minutes.”

Assam as Oil and Gas Hub

“In the last 4 and a half years in the oil and gas sector projects worth Rs 14,000 crore have been completed. Another Rs 9500 crore worth of projects works are speeding up. In Numaligarh, foundation stone was laid for the Rs. 1200 crore bio-refinery. It will be the largest of the 12 bio-refineries to be set up in the country. Will produce 6 crore litres of ethanol and will benefit farmers and those living in forest areas. This will also provide extra income to around 50,000 families. Approval has been given to increase the capacity of Numaligarh Refinery’s to triple its production. This is centre’s biggest investment to Assam.”

“To reduce oil imports and increase ethanol blending and bio-fuel is what we are moving towards. We are inching towards 10 per cent blending of ethanol. To make natural gas available to the Northeast a gas grid has been set up with Rs. 9000 crore. Gas industries and piped gas to homes is a big initiative. The Prime Minister Urja Ganga Yojana is a step in the same direction. Work is on for LPG gas connection to houses and piped gas. In 2014, 25 lakh piped gas connections were there, now it's 46 lakhs  and in coming years it will reach 2 crore. CNG stations have increased from 950 to almost 1500 today.”

Corruption: Chowdkidar is shaking the corrupted

“The centre and state are trying to get Assam to the national map. I congratulate the Assam chief minister and his team for taking out corruption and other old practices that were a part of the system. Strong steps have been taken against those who did scams and are brought back and justice is being delivered. The Chowdkidar's is shaking the corrupted. Every day Modi is being abused. They don’t speak about how to take Assam and the northeast ahead, they are silent about it. There is a competition on who can abuse Modi more. There only one identity for them and it is the mahamilwat.”

Illegal migrants, Citizenship (Amendment) Bill

“We are fighting for the cause of Assam and we have been saying continuously that there is no place for illegal immigrants in the country, including Assam. We are trying to seal the Bangladesh border in full speed. The NRC has now been speeded up and we stress that this has to be completed in time.”

“On Citizenship (Amendment) Bill misinformation has been spread. Those who have destroyed the nation are doing it for their selfish motives. I want to tell that the language, culture and safety of Assam is BJP’s and NDA’s priority and we will protect these.”

“We have to understand that the country was divided on the basis of belief. Before 1947 they were a part of India and became minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. But what happened to them in these countries made them look towards India. To give them protection is India's responsibility.”

“This will not affect Assam or the northeast. It is only after due scrutiny and after state reference citizenship will be given to these people.”

Assam Accord

“We are trying to get the Clause 6 of Assam Accord implemented as soon as possible. For this, our government has constituted a committee and I believe that this committee will keep the feelings of the people in mind and prepare the report. The mahamilawati parties are busy with spreading illusion. For the past 30-35 years they did not show any interest in the Assam accord. 36 years have gone by and Accord is not implemented. Have they have not done injustice to the people of Assam? Their selfishness should be known to everyone. That's why I have come to complete a 36-year old demand. Where were they lost or sleeping for these 36 years?”

“Stop playing with the feelings of the Assamese people. We are not for political or vote banks politics. I will not let my Assam get destroyed by the vote bank politics. I will fight these vote bank politicians and I am here to do that.”

ST status to 6 communities

Working ahead with the Assam Accord 6 communities are to be given Scheduled Tribes (ST) status. This step will not affect the current ST population. The 10% EWS reservations has been done without damaging anyone and we have shown it. Similarly, for these 6 communities we will do the same.


PM Modi in Guwahati

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