Flood Relief Drive Carried Out at Baksa District | Assam Flood Update

Thursday, 21 January 2021

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Flood Relief Drive Carried Out at Baksa District of Assam

G Plus News | August 07, 2020 18:47 hrs

GUWAHATI: A team of four people from Small Wish International Guwahati HQ drove to Baksa District to carry out a flood relief drive on August 2, Sunday.

The team provided aid to over 600 people including children stranded in flood immersed villages.

“The visible havoc caused by the floods like loss of crops, shelter, cattle, resulted in deaths, etc has created a panic among the flood-affected victims making them directly vulnerable to the spread of the inv
isible COVID-19,” said Sheikh Arif Ahmed, CEO, Small Wish International.

“It was last in 2004 when we experienced such disastrous flood situation in our village and this year the flood situation is much severe than what we faced back then,” expressed Fajlul Haque, Resident Madoikota Village, Ground Operations Support.

The team of Small Wish International reached out to the majority of the families isolated by floods that were connected by road. They were screened and provided with emergency medical aid.

The team also trekked through the flooded regions under exceptional circumstances. They reached families who got displaced during floods and were seeking shelter in a local school.

“When we reached the school, we saw that the families sheltered there had no social distancing. And none of them took any precautionary measures against COVID-19,” said Arif Ahmed.

He added that the team while providing the aid took the time to explain to the families about the must take precautionary measures against COVID-19.


Pictures from the flood relief drive

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