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Monday, 25 January 2021

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G Plus Fact Check: Lush Kaziranga Pics NOT clicked During Lockdown

G Plus News | May 02, 2020 21:42 hrs

GUWAHATI: These photos portray the beautiful, lush scenery of Kaziranga along the National Highway. 

For people who have traversed this road,  these mesmerizing pictures are utterly believable.

However, when G Plus did a fact check of these same photos that have gone viral over the past few
days, it was found that the photos were taken back in 2015.

Although the place is surely the highway passing through Kaziranga, thereby the location being correct, the photos were actually clicked in 2015 and not this year.

So the photographer, like all others under lockdown, has not undertaken any travel on this route during this lockdown period.

Adila Hazarika, who takes credit for these clicks, exclusively speaking to G Plus said, "I uploaded these pictures way back in 2015 as an album. A friend of mine, Ruprekha Musahari, reposted these in her group, Wonderful Northeast again in 2016."

"Recently Ruprekha commented in that album. Seeing that a few others also added comments. However, some other lady reposted two of the photos from the album without any tag," the photographer clarified.

To further clarify, when one likes or comments on pictures or videos from old albums on Facebook they pop up on the top of the feed. The same happened in Hazarika's case. 


People started thinking that these were recent photos and jumped the gun without a fact check.

"Although the lady later apologized to me, the photos have gone viral as if they were taken during the lockdown," Hazarika added.

The photos have been posted across several social media pages as taken during the national lockdown period without verification. The photos were also shared by a few influential people on Twitter. 

Although breathtaking and definitely of Kaziranga, they were clicked five years ago.

G Plus continues to put thrust on the importance of fact-checking information before sharing. Please spare a minute to validate the information you're reading!


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