Govt Hospitals vs Pvt Hospitals- What does Guwahati prefer?

Thursday, 21 March 2019

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Govt Hospitals vs Pvt Hospitals- What does Guwahati prefer?

Chetan Bhattarai | August 10, 2018 13:20 hrs

GUWAHATI: Several reports have surfaced in the media about family members of patients taking hospitals to courts for medical negligence and other cases. There have also been allegations of government hospitals and dispensaries lacking the required manpower and infrastructure to handle the growing number of patients, thereby providing low-quality health services.
This has forced people who can afford to seek medical help by moving out of the state to private and super-speciality hospitals. Though the government also owns a number of speciality hospitals, like the AIIMS, the queue is too long there and the waiting time can be very tiring. 
Between this blame game and allegations that don’t seem to ebb, G Plus asked its readers where they would prefer to take their family members for treatment — government or private hospital?

Only 13% of the 718 respondents in the G Plus Poll displayed their faith in government hospitals. They believed that for many diseases the treatment is faster and economical there. The doctors were more experienced in government hospitals. Moreover, treatment and medicine costs were low at government-run hospitals was the argument. But everyone unanimously agreed that one has to have patience, as government hospitals have a very tight appointment schedule.

A few respondents believed that private hospitals were too expensive and kept the patients unnecessarily for extra time to raise the medical bills. They also are notorious for referring expensive and unnecessary medical tests, blamed a few.

Respondents also believed that for lower and middle income groups private hospital bills can break the economic backbone of a patient’s family. Very few people raise their voice against exorbitant hospital bills as they are not aware of the medical terms and the reasons. There is also a sense of fear on taking a big hospital to court.

The 87% respondents who were in favour of private hospitals felt that for critical illnesses or emergencies they would prefer private hospitals over government-run ones. Many of these respondents have lost faith in the government hospitals due to their past experiences and wanted better medical assistance. For them, the private hospitals with their sufficient manpower and latest facilities were a better option over government hospitals.

The G Plus Poll respondents in favour of private hospitals shared harrowing experiences at government hospitals mainly related to over-crowding and lack of hygiene. Though it is an infrastructure problem, for the patients’ families it was not how a hospital should be in the first place. The respondents were also not happy with the rough behaviour of the staff that is common in most of the government hospitals.

A few respondents said that it depended on the type of ailment. If it was a serious matter and there was lack of time they would go to a private hospital. But if there was time and the specialist was a government doctor they would readily go to him. It would not only save them money but also they would feel more hopeful under an experienced hand.


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