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Guwahati-based Entrepreneurs Create App to Encourage Social Distancing

G Plus News | March 31, 2020 16:59 hrs

GUWAHATI: Three Guwahati-based entrepreneurs have created an app in a bid to encourage social distancing in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The app is called Oxyfind and was created with an intention to make the registration desks and OPDs in hospitals a no-crowd zone. 

“During this coronavirus outbreak, it is of prime importance to maintain social distancing everywhere. But it is very difficult to maintain social distance in hospitals since they always remain crowded with patients seeking appointments and with those waiting for their turn,” co-founder of the app, Pankaj Mazumdar told G Plus.

He added that being essential services, hospitals cannot even shut down, so he along with his co-founders Bapan Biswas and Nabajyoti Das decided to provide a solution to prevent large gatherings of patients in hospitals.

Currently, they are offering the application free of cost. “We feel it is the need of the hour to extend any possible help in promoting social distancing to prevent the spread of coronavirus,” said Mazumdar.     

A unique QR code is provided to all clinics and hospitals to enable patients to book appointments through the app. 

“The patients can simply scan the QR code and request for the doctor’s appointment. Once the appointment is confirmed and a slot is assigned to the patient, they can track the appointment live through their phone and need not crowd at the waiting areas in the hospitals,” informed Mazumdar. 

He added that currently over 40 clinics and hospitals from Assam and other places have already registered through the app.

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