Guwahati: Driver Charges at Policeman, Drags him on Bonnet for Metres

Saturday, 04 April 2020

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Guwahati: Driver Charges at Policeman, Drags him on Bonnet for Metres

G Plus News | February 27, 2019 19:00 hrs

GUWAHATI: In yet another case of complete disregard for traffic rules, a man in Guwahati attacked a traffic policeman and dragged him for several metres on the bonnet of his vehicle (a Tempo Traveler). The policeman escaped a near-death experience even as the passengers kept urging the driver to stop the vehicle.

A video of this dangerous incident filmed by a passenger is currently circulating on social media.

Watch the Video here:

Speaking to G Plus, DCP Traffic Prashanta Saikia said, "The incident took place at the Jalukbari flyover. The area is a No Parking Zone and the driver had parked the vehicle there. When the traffic policeman asked him to move, he quickly attempted to escape and the incident occurred."

In the video, the vehicle is seen being driven for around 300-400 metres with the traffic policeman latched onto its bonnet before coming to a halt. 

"The driver of the vehicle has been arrested and forwarded to the court and the vehicle has been seized," commissioner of police Deepak Kumar informed G Plus. 


Photo of the Policeman

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  • Safikur rahman

    As far as i heard the police man was asking bribe to let the driver go and the bus was not parked in the no parking zone.. G hoise val a hoise ghus khor buror lgt hbo a lage anekua coz aibur'k sabole kunu nai... Atya hadhoron jonota a sabo lagibo..

  • Gogo

    Irresponsible on part of driver.. Should be Charged.. but.. but... A lesson to all the stupid traffic cops who think jumping Infront of the vehicle/snatching the key away is a lawful method.. poisa khabo ahisil, gaadir bonnet khale

  • Dilip Adhikari

    The driver should be charged with "attempt to murder"; that to an on duty policeman. I do agree, policeman are always not correct and behaves rude many a times. Demands gratification, even though, this kind of behaviour from a driver is not tolerable. Stern action needs to be initiated against him.