Formalin detected in Lokhra fish market sample

Friday, 22 February 2019

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Guwahati: Formalin detected in Lokhra fish market sample

G Plus News | July 10, 2018 14:56 hrs

GUWAHATI: The state laboratory found formalin in a sample of fish that were taken from the city's Lokhra market.

It was feared earlier that the fish that comes from Andhra Pradesh contains formalin, a mortuary-embalming chemical, to preserve the fishes.

Assam Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Pijush Hazarika had earlier in June 29 announced that the state will ban procuring fish from outside if the sample results came positive for formalin.

It is to be noted that, formalin, a cancer-inducing chemical, that is used to keep dead bodies fresh is being used illegally to preserve fish in Guwahati.

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File photo of a fish market | G Plus Photo

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