Guwahati Man Installs Permanent Water Bowls For Animals
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Guwahati Man Installs Permanent Water Bowls For Animals

G Plus News | September 20, 2019 15:02 hrs

GUWAHATI: Sahid Ahmed, an animal lover and resident of Dhirenpara, has taken the initiative to install permanent water bowls for animals in and around his locality.    

Talking about the initiative, he told G Plus, “I had earlier, too, installed water bowls on the street sides for the respite of animals but it always used to get stolen or was broken. At that time, I thought I should install bowls which are fixed so that there is no chance of anyone stealing it.”

Ahmed said that he installed water bowls independently in the Dhirenpara Itabhata area. For this, he approached his local factory and asked them to make a small pole with two attachments for water bowls.  

Ahmed considers himself an animal lover and says that he also feeds stray dogs and cows in his locality regularly.   

He has currently installed these five bowls in the area and is further planning to install banners cautioning against cruelty towards animals in the city. 

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