Guwahati Man Installs Sanitary Pad Vending Machine At Army School Narengi

Wednesday, 05 August 2020

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Guwahati Man Installs Sanitary Pad Vending Machine At Army School Narengi

G Plus News | September 13, 2019 13:06 hrs

GUWAHATI: A sanitary pad vending machine and insulator has been installed at Army School, Narengi for the betterment of the female students and staff of the school.

It should be mentioned that free sanitary napkins will also be provided for 3 months.

This initiative has been taken by Deepak Choudhary who is a resident of Guwahati.

"Government should make it mandatory for to all schools and public places to create awareness for the use of sanitary napkins and also provide easy access to them by installing simple vending machines with replenishment programs in rural schools and colleges so that girls/women are habituated to use sanitary napkins for better health and hygience management," said Choudhary.

He also added that to solve the problem of sanitary napkin disposal, incinerators should be installed which will reduce the spread of infection caused by unhygienic disposal of sanitary napkins, reduce environmental pollution due to non- biodegradable sanitary napkins and reduce clogging of public drainage system due to the spongy nature of napkins.

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  • Sachin

    This sanitary vending machine should be installed in govt schools because APSN is not a correct place as all the teachers and students are aware and so well financially they can afford that without anyone help but what about poor females who don't know and unable to buy that and Army public School female teachers should also take initiative instead of standing there for a news coverage like idiots

  • suryaa333

    Great initiative towards women health and safety.