Guwahati Man steals lakhs of rupees from innocent citizens

Wednesday, 12 August 2020

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Guwahati Man steals lakhs of rupees from innocent citizens

G Plus News | February 18, 2019 15:56 hrs

Angshuman Borpujari, a resident of Guwahati has stolen lakhs of rupees from innocent citizens in the guise of a fraudulent scheme. He was arrested by officers from Basistha Police Station in Khanapara on February 15.

Borpujari conned people by telling them that he works with the Sports Authority of Assam (SAA) and that he could get them jobs and tenders for the organisation.

He had taken INR 10,000 from a man who he had promised a job for his son at the SAA. Borpujari told the man that since only one post was available, he had to pay the amount immediately.

“We gave him the money and we were supposed to get a registration number from SAA. When we didn’t receive anything, we tried to call Borpujari. He was not picking up the phone and could not be found in his house also,” said the citizen who had lost INR 10,000.

In separate incidents, Borpujari also took INR 30,000 and INR 66,000 from two other people who were promised tenders for the organisation.

In total, Borpujari thugged 20 people for lakhs of rupees in the name of the SAA. The police are still looking for the other people who were conned by him.

It should be noted that Borpujari was an ex-employee of the SAA and thus, he had the seal and signature of the organisation to make everything look authentic.



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  • Tandeep

    Is he the son of Ratul Borpujari