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Friday, 22 January 2021

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Guwahati Masjid Shares this Rare Tarun Gogoi Memory

Nibir Deka | November 26, 2020 18:50 hrs

GUWAHATI: The Burah Jame Masjid in Ambari Guwahati was one of the places where the procession of Tarun Gogoi had halted during the funeral procession. The other places include the Zoo Road Naamghar, Catholic Cathedral Dispur, and Ugratara Mandir. 

Thousands of people gathered in front of the masjid to offer their prayers to the former Chief Minister (CM) of Assam. A public prayer (Dua) was organised which was held by the Iman to honour the mortal
remains of Tarun Gogoi. 

The incident also marked a significant relationship that the Masjid shared with Tarun Gogoi. The former Chief Minister had contributed a lot to the development of the Masjid and even granted Rs 20 lakhs for its hostels. 

However, the most significant moment was when the former Chief Minister altered the proposed flyover in front of the Masjid into the current roundabout near TC School-Ambari-Gauhati Club crossroad. 

G Plus spoke to the General Secretary of Burah Jame Masjid, Nizamul Haque who revealed that Tarun Gogoi had already laid the foundation of the flyover. 

"We approached the CM who listened to our issue. As we provided the alternative of the roundabout instead of the flyover, he considered our suggestion," added Haque. 

He further stated that the Ambari modern-day development is testimony to Tarun Gogoi's vision and work.

As per the locals, the show of love by the people of the area, especially the people from Islam faith towards Tarun Gogoi is a testimony of that. "The remarkable quality of Gogoi was, he used to solve the problems with a smile," said Haque. 

On the idea behind visiting all the major religious establishments, Haque stated, "He is a religion-neutral person and above politics."


Funeral procession of Tarun Gogoi

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