Guwahati: Ola-cab Driver turned goon - Tries Running Over Customer for Opting Online Payment

Wednesday, 30 September 2020

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Guwahati: Ola-cab Driver turned goon - Tries Running Over Customer for Opting Online Payment

Avishek Sengupta | May 15, 2018 16:27 hrs

In the midst of all the hullaballoo and protests by the app-based cab drivers in the city, Aditya Jain, a youth from Guwahati and former MM CEO at OYO Rooms had a harrowing experience when he booked an Ola-Cab to airport from Basistha and chose pay the driver through Ola Money – the online wallet for Ola cabs.

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“The driver initially denied driving but after long convincing he obliged. Not even 100 metres had passed that he started threatening and abusing me. He deliberately took detours so that I miss the flight. I had a flight to catch at 8:15 pm,” Jain, who booked the cab at 5:45 pm on May 4 said.

Jain said that after the driver, Charifuddin Ali who was driving a white Indica bearing registration number AS 01GC 5263, took a detour, he tried to complain to the traffic police on duty.

“When the car stopped at a traffic signal, I got down and asked the traffic police. That is when, Charifuddin tried to run me over. On seeing the police, he however stopped. The police asked him to pull over but he fled with my entire luggage, I tried to chase it by foot, but he steered right in an attempt to run me over again. I quit and booked an auto to chase it, but the driver already fled the scene. Since I was getting late, I asked a friend and he took me to the airport,” Jain said.

His father in the meantime went to the nearest police station, the Basistha Police station and complained.

“When I was just about to board the flight, Ali took my call and agreed to drop the luggage to a certain location. I gave him my friend’s address where he sent the luggage by an Uber car. My friend then sent me the luggage through flight,” Jain added.

Customer support fails to help

Jain alleged that the Ola customer care support were also of no help.

“I tried their customer care and got no help from them in recovering my luggage. I asked for a refund and to blacklist the driver. While the first request was honoured after continued pestering, no action against the driver has been taken yet. They consoled me over phone, but I found no written affirmation yet,” Jain added.

“I felt it is my duty to let people know about this driver which is why, I took this issue up on social media,” he added.


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