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Sunday, 24 January 2021

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Guwahati: Picnickers Litter Deepor Beel

G Plus News | January 12, 2021 18:46 hrs

GUWAHATI: Many picnickers who visited the ecologically sensitive Deepor Beel have littered the area. The left-over food including packets of chips and other ready-made food items were found lying in the vicinity of the picnic spot opened for the public. 

As per a local, people from Guwahati as well as from other areas have visited picnic spots in huge numbers this year. However, they have shown a disregard to maintain the cleanliness of the area following their outing.<

The two most popular picnic spots in the area have been littered. Few locals took up the initiative to clean one of the spots by taking money from the incoming cars.

Deepor Beel is a wetland under the Ramsar Convention which has listed the lake in November 2002 as a Ramsar Site for undertaking conservation measures on the basis of its biological and environmental importance.

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