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Friday, 30 October 2020

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Guwahati: Protests Break Out in Noonmati over Rituparna Pegu Murder Case

G Plus News | June 13, 2020 14:54 hrs

GUWAHATI: Agitated protestors gathered outside the Noonmati Police Station demanding justice for Rituparna Pegu, the 26 year old who was brutally stabbed on June 12 at 2.30 pm in Noonmati.

“We roam around on these same streets; we go to these same markets, they will kill us the same way,” said one protestor outside the Noonmati Police Station.

Protestors marched all the way from the Noonmati Police Station to the residence of the accused where they stopped

vehicles and even broke the glass of an ASTC bus. 

Among these protestors were some who chanted slogans of ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and ‘Joi Aai Axom’. 

Police and security personnel rushed to the spot to prevent any possible riots or damage to public and private property.

People raised concerns over the murder of Sanatan Deka and Rituparna Pegu, who were both killed by Muslims. 

With this, what started as an agitation over the killing of Assamese people, soon acquired communal colours with protestors threatening to burn down the residence of the accused.

“The accused have already been taken into police custody and we will look into the matter and take all necessary action; officials from CID will probe into the incident,” said Munna Prasad Gupta, IPS, Commissioner of Police, Guwahati, in an attempt to calm the protestors down.


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