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Thursday, 04 March 2021

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Guwahati Residents Prefer Pedestrian Crossing Over Lachit Nagar Footbridge, Traffic Jam Increases

Trishna Das | February 22, 2021 17:48 hrs

GUWAHATI: The Lachit Nagar foot over-bridge near Ulubari doesn't seem to be preferred by people in Guwahati for crossing to the other side of the road. But why is it so? 

Apart from being unsafe for women, due to the banners blocking its view from the road and lack of electricity, the foot over-bridge has always been dirty until recently. Also, there is a pedestrian crossing near the footbridge, which emerges as an easier way for people than climbing the stairs of t
he foot over-bridge to cross over. 

Talking about the condition of the footbridge, Pratiksha Barman, a lecturer from a nearby college who often uses the footbridge while going to work said, "People litter the bridge with waste and spit out tobacco, pan masala, and rajnigandha on the bridge. Also, sometimes homeless beggars use the footbridge to sleep, which is inappropriate and makes us feel uncomfortable to use the footbridge." 

Barman added that she has always seen the foot over-bridge in its unclean state and claimed that it was cleaned recently. 

G Plus also spoke to the traffic police, who claimed that constructing the pedestrian crossing near the footbridge has caused a major problem. He said, "In 2019 when I came to Guwahati there was no pedestrian crossing near the Lachit Nagar-Ulubari foot over-bridge. But despite the presence of a footbridge, a divider was broken to construct the pedestrian crossing, which has now become a problem for controlling the traffic."

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