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Guwahati Schools Juggle Between Online and Offline Teaching Modes After Reopening

Barasha Das | January 05, 2021 15:07 hrs


GUWAHATI: The Assam government permitted the reopening of all classes in schools from 1st January 2021 after months of closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, most schools reopened from the 4th of January, i.e. Monday. 

The reopening guidelines provided specific timings to be followed for all classes maintaining all Covid protocols. It also stated that "In respect of attendance of students of lower primary elementary schools, attendance is n
ot compulsory and will be based purely on parental consent."

G Plus spoke to a few schools of the city to take stock of the actual number of attendees. Many schools reported that they are yet to reopen the lower classes and for the higher classes that have reopened, the attendance percentage is negligible.

Ashutosh Aggarwal, founder and secretary of Sanskriti the Gurukul said, "We have started classes 6 to 12, and only 10-15 percent students have attended. As for the junior classes, the parents have been informed that the classes will reopen after Magh Bihu and we are awaiting their response."

"Students who have not attended offline classes are being taught online. The subject teachers for every subject have been divided into two groups. While two to three teachers take the offline classes, irrespective of sections, the rest teach online," he added.

While the percentage of students attending schools is significantly low in almost all schools of Guwahati, the schools authorities have been trying hard to balance both online and offline classes with the same set of teachers. 

Sarla Birla Gyan Jyoti has made the necessary set up in classes so that the offline classes can also be attended online in real time by students from home. As for Don Bosco School, Panbazar, while the senior classes have been divided in equal shifts for the students to attend during the weekdays, the teachers will be taking online classes on weekends for pupils who are reluctant to attend physical school.

A teacher of the school said, "From Monday to Friday we will teach offline in the class, and on Saturday we will teach online to the rest of the students. Those will be like summary classes of the week."

As for Little Flower School, the online classes have been discontinued from classes 5 onwards. The students have been asked to attend in three shifts of two to three hours. The school has recorded 100 percent attendance. The junior classes are continuing online as of now.

Given the continued pandemic situation the schools are yet to devise a proper mechanism to balance both online and offline classes. Many schools informed that depending on the number of attendees till Magh Bihu and the response of the parents and guardians, school management will formulate a more definitive plan.

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