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Thursday, 03 December 2020

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Guwahati: Stamp Paper Shortage Creates Woes for Public

Nibir Deka | October 29, 2020 16:11 hrs

GUWAHATI: The stamp paper of Rs 1, Rs 2, Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 20, and Rs 50 have all become a scarce asset in the premises of DC Court, Pan Bazaar, Guwahati. The sellers are mostly selling only Rs 500 stamp paper.

As a fallout of this, the general public is suffering who has to visit the court premises over legal matters. The scarcity is not just limited to Guwahati. 

As per sources, a black market has emerged that engage in selling the stamp paper in infla
ted rates. The rates of Rs 20 stamp paper has reached Rs 60 and Rs 50 stamp paper is being sold at Rs 100. 

The shortage of stamp paper has even led to inflated lawyer fees.

Speaking to G Plus in condition of anonymity, an advocate revealed that lawyers charge fees as per the input costs which include the stamp paper. Since they are procuring them at inflated rates, the overall fees have risen as a result. "Ultimately the client suffers as the fees get hikes due to this," added the lawyer.

Some of the lawyers have even hoarded the stamp paper since the lockdown as the shortage has been ongoing for some time. 

Meanwhile, the vendors of the area near the Court have suffered due to the lack of supply in their business. 

"We have been out of work. This problem of scarcity has been going for the last 2 years," said  Central Committee member of All Assam Vendor Association. 

Another vendor has accepted the prevalence of black money practices. 

"We have to procure stamp papers from other districts. If someone charging extra for transportation, then it should be understood," said the vendor.  

Meanwhile, the Kamrup (M) District Commissioner (DC) Biswajit Pegu has acknowledged the lack of stamp paper supply in the premises of DC Court. 

"We have also written to the authorities regarding the shortage", Pegu told G Plus. 

On the issue of black marketing, he stated that "vendors have indulged in these activities and we take actions as and when we get specific reports".


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