How to file NRC Claims and Objections

Friday, 30 October 2020

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How to file NRC Claims and Objections

G Plus News | July 30, 2018 12:28 hrs

The Complete Draft NRC consisting of names of all eligible applicants has been published today, July 30.

2,89,83,677 people have been found eligible to be included in the National Register of Citizens, said Prateek Hajela.  40,07,707 names did not appear in the Complete Draft NRC.

Applicants who do not find their names in the Complete Draft NRC will be given ample opportunity to prove their eligibility for inclusion in the final NRC. Such applicants are required to su

bmit their Claim in the prescribed form. There is also a provision to submit Objection against any ineligible name included in the Complete Draft NRC. Corrections can also be made in respect of errors in the spellings of names, age, address details etc.

Final NRC will be published only after disposal of all claims, objections & corrections.

There will be a separate form for Claim, Objection and Correction.

Who can submit Claim or Objection?

  • Only those applicants who submitted NRC Application Form untill August 31, 2015, can submit Claims.
  • Objection can be submitted by any person.

Where can the Claim and Objection be submitted?

  • Claims can be submitted at the NRC Seva Kendra (NSK) where the Claimant had earlier submitted the Application Form.
  • Even if an applicant changed the address after submission of Application Form, Claim can be submitted only at the NSK where the NRC Application was submitted originally.
  • Objections can be submitted only at the NSK covering the residence of the person against whom the objection has been submitted.
  • Claim or Objection is required to be submitted to the Local Registrar of Citizen Registration (LRCR) at the NSK.

When can the Claim, Objection and Correction forms be submitted?

  • Claims, Objections and Correction will be received from August 30 to September 28 at the NSK in the prescribed form.

How to get the forms?

  • Forms for Claim, Objection and Correction will be made available at the NSKs and also available for download from from August 7th onwards.

What to submit with the Claim or Objection?

  • As per reason of non-inclusion, the Claim can be submitted with additional documents or with the same documents as submitted earlier.
  • Objection will require submission of grounds for objection.

How to know the reasons(s) of the non-inclusion of names?

  • An application will be required to be submitted to the LRCR at the designated NSK asking for the reason of non-inclusion of names(s) in the Complete Draft NRC. This process will start from August 7th to September 28. Form for this application will be available at the NSK and also available for download online at

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