Hyderabad Rape Accused Served Mutton Curry in Telangana Jail

Saturday, 27 February 2021

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Hyderabad Rape Accused Served Mutton Curry in Telangana Jail

G Plus News | December 03, 2019 16:22 hrs

GUWAHATI: While the entire nation is protesting for justice for the veterinary doctor who was gangraped and murdered, the accused were served with mutton curry with rice in dinner at the high-security cell of central prison, in Telangana's Cherlapalli.

It is to be mentioned that the accused took turns to rape her till she fell unconscious. When she started coming back to her senses, the men smothered her to death.

Later the charred body the young vet was recovered from
under a flyover in the vicinity.

The parents of the first accused Mohammad said their son had come home on the night (November 28) and told them that an accident had happened.

"You do anything (award punishment) to him," a wailing mother of Mohammad said. 
The mother of another accused Siva also said any appropriate punishment should be given to him for his crime. You do anything. God only knows, she said.

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  • James

    What are particular region public are doing its not government matter its about humanity take action by your self