"I had ordered action even before Himanta tweeted" - Dhiren Baruah, GMDA Chairman - G Plus

Thursday, 26 November 2020

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"I had ordered action even before Himanta tweeted" - Dhiren Baruah, GMDA Chairman

GPlus | January 09, 2017 20:31 hrs

 Not even 24 hours have passed since the Government decided to clamp down Metropolis 2K17 and the GMDA Chairman, Dhiren Baruah said that he had ordered to shut down Metropolis 2017 even before Minster Himanta Biswa Sarma’s tweet. The chairman revealed that the approval for the first day of the event was given because it was a District Administration sponsored event and accordingly the event was inaugurated by DC Kamrup (M) M. Angamuthu. However, the GMDA chairman said that he rec
eived 2-3 calls from the public who said that children were facing problems in the park because of the event and that several norms were also flouted by the organizers. Following this, Mr. Baruah ordered an inspection of the venue and the inspection team reported that there were several violation of norms. The GMDA team visited the event premises on 7th who confirmed that there were several violations. Some of the violations included covering the Prime Minister J.L. Nehru’s statue with sponsor ads which has been termed “Anti-National” by sources, digging holes in the park’s premises and other violations. It is also important to mention that the permission for the event was given with various T&Cs which according to GMDA properly followed until this edition. Sources at GMDA revealed that since the payment of Rs. 48000 was made to book the venue, they were sceptical about taking action. However the GMDA Chairman said that flouting norms must be met with drastic actions.    Stay updated on the go with GPlus News. Click here to download the app for your device.
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