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Saturday, 06 March 2021

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IIT Guwahati Can Become Centre for Education Outreach to Neighbours: PM Modi

G Plus News | September 22, 2020 13:32 hrs

GUWAHATI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the occasion of the 22nd Convocation of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati where he visioned IIT-G to play an important role in spreading education in the neighbouring countries. 

"Education is gradually becoming a new medium of engagement with our neighbours. IIT Guwahati can become a pivotal centre for the same. To enhance the development in Northeast, infrastructure in railways, airways, roadways, a
nd waterways is being developed," said PM Modi.

He further praised the role of IIT Guwahati of including mobility in courses. 

"IIT Guwahati is the first such IIT that has introduced a 2-year research program on e-mobility. It is also leading the integration of science and engineering in all B. Tech courses," added the PM.

"The states of Northeast invest a lot of energy and efforts in fighting off disasters such as floods and earthquakes. I request IIT Guwahati to start a Centre for Disaster Management and Risk Reduction. This centre will provide expertise to combat these calamities," said PM Modi. 

On the issue of exploring the resource potential of the region, the PM said, "There are immense possibilities in research in the sector of solar energy, wind energy, biomass and hydroelectric energy. Rice, tea, bamboo are indigenous products of this region. There's biodiversity in this region, as well as huge traditional knowledge." 

Amid the dreaded pandemic, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) held its 22nd convocation, albeit virtually with PM Modi as the Chief Guest.

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