Amidst JNU Row, IIT-Guwahati Erupts in Protest Against VC
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Amidst JNU Row, IIT-Guwahati Erupts in Protest Against VC

G Plus News | November 18, 2019 21:26 hrs

GUWAHATI: Amidst protest of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) students which rocked the capital city, a fire raises far away from the power centre in Guwahati.

IIT- Guwahati students has carried a silent candle march vigil protest for one of the professor who they alleged the administration is targeting for blowing a whistle in the illegal activities of higher ups in the institution including the vice chancellor.

Talking to G Plus one of the student of IIT-G on the condition of anonymity that despite having all the facilities in the campus our VC dines in 5 Star hotels. It is a blatant waste of institution fund which should be used for the welfare of the students.

Reportedly hundreds of students joined the cause in a peaceful non-violent manner to extend support to Dr. Brijesh Rai.

It is to be mentioned that research scholars have now made a social media page, "I Support Dr. Brijesh Kumar Rai" to oppose injustice and oppose corruption.

"Since I have joined the PhD program, I, myself have faced severe harassment. If it was not Dr. Brijersh Rai, I would also have compromised and therefore I would have living an undignified life.
Thanks to Dr. Rai that I have learnt my “rights” and I, now, know that my constitution gives me the “right to live with dignity”." said a research scholar of IIT-Guwahati.    

In a YouTube video uploaded by a research student at IIT G, Vikrant Singh,   Rai alleges that there have been corruption in various cases and also in terms of staff selection.

“In one year, about 50 people were illegally employed”, he alleged in the video.

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  • The real IITG Well wisher

    Since many people have talked about various aspects of why Dr. Brijesh Rai should be kept at IIT Guwahati to teach and guide generations of students, thought to write about the academic aspect of it (as employees of other institutes, we have some restrictions on talking as freely as students on other aspects) This is the Google Scholar profile of Dr. Rai: His research area is network information theory, which lies at the intersection of mathematics, computer science and electrical engineering. These areas are among the hardest ones to do research in, as you can see from the citation threshold (2010 data) to be among the top 1 percent scientists in the world. As per the following data (it will slightly differ in 2019, but not much), a mathematician needs 172 citations, an engineering faculty needs 259 citations and a computer scientist needs 149 citations to be considered among the top 1 percent scientists in the world. With this parameter, Dr. Rai is right there around the top 1 percent of the world in his area with 216 citations. It is not that IIT Guwahati is going to attract such faculty members every other year.