IIT-Guwahati Row Takes New Turn; Protestors Asked to Submit Names & Justify Participation

Thursday, 13 August 2020

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IIT-Guwahati Row Takes New Turn; Protestors Asked to Submit Names & Justify Participation

G Plus News | November 21, 2019 16:23 hrs

GUWAHATI: Fire continues to engulf the North bank of Guwahati where hundreds of students carried out a silent candle-march protest for one of the professors, who is allegedly being targeted by the IIT administration for being a whistle-blower and revealing illegal activities of higher-ups in the institution including the Director of IIT-G.

Following the protest which took place on November 18, the office of the Students' Affairs Wing in IIT-Guwahati has been directed to provide information related to the candle-light protest.

The mail directed to all the students to furnish the following details:

# To provide the name of the students, who participated in the said march.

# If the recipient of the email had participated in the march and the justification of their participation.

# If the recipient of the email motivated anyone or group of students to participate in the march

The email also stated that in case someone failed to respond the email, it will be presumed that the student had participated in the said 'march'.

Sources close to G Plus provided the exclusive details and screenshots of the e-mail.

Over hundreds students joined the peaceful non-violent and march to support to Dr. Brijesh Rai.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Vikrant Singh (a research student at IIT-Guwahati), Rai alleges that there has been corruption at several stages in the institution and also corruption in terms of staff selection.

“In one year, about 50 people were illegally employed”, he says in the video.

The students also alleged that Director of the institution, TG Sitharam recently spent 40 lakh on his bungalow and office, which includes exorbitant costs such as Rs 1.8 Lakh for a table.


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