IIT-Guwahati students to launch campaign for new Time Zone for Northeastern Region
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IIT-Guwahati students to launch campaign for new Time Zone for Northeastern Region

G Plus News | February 05, 2019 15:45 hrs

GUWAHATI: Students from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati are all set to launch a campaign for a new time zone for the northeastern region. 

Numerous studies have endorsed the proposal of a separate time zone for this region for many years now. According to these studies, separate time zones can enhance productivity and efficiency of many industrial and non-industrial processes and can also help in conservation of electricity. 

A student from IIT Guwahati had mentioned to Times Of India that during winter months, the sun sets in this region by 4 pm. He also explained that a common man here loses approximately one hour of daylight and on average, he wastes two years of his life. An improper time zone can also affect the productivity of people and lead to an increase in electricity usage due to late working office hours. Thus, having a different time zone for the northeast can save electricity and improve the efficiency of work. 

The student further added that this demand for a different time zone is being neglected by the central government as they fear social and political division of the northeastern region from the rest the country. 

This issue of a separate time zone for the north-east will be one of the main issues that will be discussed during TEDx, an event where innovative ideas are discussed among eminent people. The organisers for the event have invited renowned writer and journalist, Arup Kumar Dutta to discuss this subject. 

Currently, the whole country follows Indian Standard Time (IST).



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