IIT-G Professor Resigns from Committee Investigating Brijesh Rai Case
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IIT-G Professor Resigns from Committee Investigating Brijesh Rai Case

G Plus News | December 05, 2019 16:30 hrs

GUWAHATI: In a surprising development to the IIT-Guwahati corruption case, Uday S Dixit, Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, IIT-G has resigned from the three-member high power committee to investigate the case against whistleblower professor, Brijesh Rai.

In a mail addressing to the Registrar and Secretary Professor Uday wrote, “Kindly place my resignation from the High Power Committee to investigate cases against Dr. B.K. Rai. Recently I had to face undue pressure and also observed that proceedings have not been conducted properly. Hence, my professional ethics does not allow to be part of the committee."

Reacting to this Brijesh Rai took to the social media and said, "This is how the director of IIT Guwahati conducting inquiry! By putting undue pressure on committee members to give an adverse report against me. I admire Prof. Dixit that he did not succumb to the pressure of the director and instead preferred to resign. Later, the director abused, insulted and threatened Prof. Dixit because he did not do what the director wanted him to do.

I cannot imagine how these people get so much courage that they are not afraid to threaten people, indulge in criminal intimidation. Perhaps, they are assured that whatever they do, no action will be taken against them. Government is so much adamant to increase fee but does nothing against these officials and does not act on complaints of corruption."
It is to be mentioned that Brijesh Rai is now expecting termination after he purportedly unearthed several cases of corruption in the institute that have snowballed into virtual “scams.”

“The management has given me a show-cause notice and I have replied. They are also not allowing me to take classes. A final decision was taken but I have not been informed officially,” Dr Rai said talking to G Plus. 

He is alleging that the management is indulging in large-scale corruption thereby compromising with the future of the students.

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