In the name of curfew, vegetable prices shoot up in Guwahati
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In the name of curfew, vegetable prices shoot up in Guwahati

G Plus News | December 16, 2019 18:29 hrs

GUWAHATI: Although the city looks to be heading back to normalcy and people are visiting the markets to buy vegetables and groceries, the prices of essential commodities have sky-rocketed.

With the onion prices already hitting the roof and being sold at over Rs 100 a kilo, now the curfew across the city has started to pinch the common people with the abrupt price rise of vegetables.

Reportedly, onions are now being sold at a phenomenal Rs 280 a kilo and radish is priced at over Rs 100 a kilogram.

The price of potato has gone up to Rs 65 and green vegetables which are sold as fresh but due to connectivity issues are also being sold stale at a abnormally high prices.
Locals alleged that even the vegetable vendors are charging extra money taking advantage of the situation.

A vegetable vendor speaking to G Plus said, “What can we do? We do not have supply from the wholesale shops and whatever we had in stock have been sold out.”

“Now we are selling vegetables and other groceries from local markets. Hence the prices have gone up and we cannot help it,” he added. 

Among others the live stock market has also seen a dry out as the vendors are unable to transport stock to the end users. 

In the meanwhile, ATMs across the Guwahati are running empty due to cash crunch and also because of the lack of internet connectivity. However, as a relief to the common people State Bank of India has introduced a mobile ATM service in Guwahati for the citizens. 

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