IPL 2020 | IPL Players to go Through Rigorous Protocols this Season

Friday, 25 September 2020

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IPL Players to go Through Rigorous Protocols This Season Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

G Plus News | August 08, 2020 16:35 hrs

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has laid down strict regulations for players to follow in the forthcoming IPL season.

From repetitive tests to staying in their own bio-bubble, from teams flying in chartered airplanes to being holed up in single occupancy rooms for as long as a week, here are some rigid rules these cricketers have to follow take part in the tournament in Dubai this year.


1. Players will have to undergo 3 tests and will not be able to meet their teammates unless they test negative in all three COVID-19 tests each of which will be done after a gap of 5 days from the previous test. The players will have to go through another test when they assemble before boarding the flight to Dubai and again when they land in the UAE.

2. The medical team accompanying the franchises will have to have a record of the complete medical history of all players and support staff of the teams with regular temperature logging from the beginning of March this year via an online questionnaire.

3. Players will fly in chartered planes rather than commercial flights and will travel in PPE suits to avoid any possibility of catching the infection within the confined space of the aircraft.

4. The board has recommended the arrangement of small properties for the accommodation of players and staff to avoid sharing AC ducts with players in hotels.


5. Players and family members travelling along with them will not be allowed to interact with anyone outside of their bio-bubble created by the franchises.

6. Family members of players will also not be allowed to get close to players during training sessions and matches. They can neither travel in the same vehicles as the team, cannot enter dressing rooms, and will not be allowed to share food with players.

7. A Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (Shycocan), a prototype designed for disabling active transmission of coronaviruses will also be installed at places. The device has the ability to neutralize 99.9% of coronaviruses floating in the air in confined spaces.


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