Irked ACS officer slams media over speculations of his resignation
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Irked ACS officer slams media over speculations of his resignation

Rahul Chanda | November 24, 2017 20:32 hrs

As soon as some electronic media units started airing speculative news that ACS officer Ramanuj Hazarika might have resigned to evade probe in the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) scam, irked Hazarika uploaded a video threatening to take legal action against media for defaming him.

Hazarika in the video said, “Resigning is my personal decision and some media units are saying that I am evading arrest.” He added that he left the job so that he could prepare for Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) exams. 

He dared the media to prove if he got the APSC job by paying bribe, saying, “I am ready for whatever punishment you (media) decide if the allegation is proven right.” He slammed the media saying he has no more respect for ‘media in Assam.’  

Earlier after resigning he had said that it was a wrong decision on his part to join APSC.

Reacting to his resignation, Director General of Police, Assam, Mukesh Sahay said, “People who have not done any wrong should not worry, and people who are guilty will worry.”

Sahay added that anyone can resign and the reason of resignation should not be speculated. 

After the APSC scam expose the APS/ACS officers fraternity is upset over the way the society is viewing them as there are many honest officers who are efficient and joined the services because of their capabilities, opined many officers.   


File photo of Ramanuj Hazarika

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  • Bidisha Das


  • Suva

    Very well said. Media houses trying to sensationalise any news by taking advantage of situations and producing falsified facts without any research must be booked and legal action should be taken. It’s high time they learn some professionalism.