Is Guwahati facing a two-wheeler parking crisis? Who is responsible?
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Is Guwahati facing a two-wheeler parking crisis? Who is responsible?

G Plus News | September 03, 2018 16:16 hrs

GUWAHATI: Forget parking your cars, these days it is getting tough to park your motorcycle or scooter without it getting scratched in Guwahati. Moreover, most of the parking spaces will almost be filled by the time you reach them. This has resulted in people parking their two-wheelers at places like pavements and restricted areas, at their own risk.

If you believe that your area or your place of business is facing parking issues, please write about it in our comments section.

The authorities have failed miserably to provide parking for two-wheelers, which at present, is the fastest mode for travelling from point A to B within the city. Guwahati has switched to parallel parking in almost all the roads without giving a thought to two-wheelers. Even if there are parking spots in between, the area provided is in-sufficient.

“Their only priority is cars, they will come running to park a car. But when it comes to parking a motorcycle they will try to give as a congested space where you cannot move your body. The first thing I have to do is, adjust bikes on both sides before I park my vehicle. Moreover, most of the two-wheelers are so tightly-parked that those with guards are bound to leave scratch marks and dents on scooters. Nobody understands the parking issues of a two-wheeler rider,” said Vicky Singha, a resident of Paltan Bazar who commutes for work every day to Ganeshguri.

The motorcyclists have to figure out themselves where to park. So it's common to see two-wheelers being parked at footpath which again creates nuisance for people who use it for walking.

“How can somebody park a vehicle at a dedicated walking area? Sometimes cars are half-parked over the footpath. The authorities have to figure out parking spaces for everyone. There is no lack of land for parking but the government seems to be busy with cosmetic affairs rather than actual ones,” said Manorama Gohain, a house-wife from Ulubari.

A motorcycle parking does not take much space and could be allocated in most of the city roads. But due to the short-sightedness of the traffic department two-wheeler riders have to face difficulties in most parts of the city. Identifying the areas which need dedicated two-wheeler parking space is the first step to move ahead with.


Two-wheeler parked on the footpath | G Plus Photo

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