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Friday, 26 February 2021

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JSF Holds First Webinar on Population Control Law at IIT-Guwahati

G Plus News | September 07, 2020 11:19 hrs

Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation (JSF) successfully held its first webinar in India with the scholars of IIT Guwahati in regard to JSF’s mission to enforce the Population Control Law across the country.

As a part of JSF’s program, a Google Meet was scheduled with the IIT community on 5th September 2020, at 7.30 pm.

JSF believes that population control a bigger challenge than COVID-19 in India. 

"Soon there will be a vac
cine for COVID-19, but, saving ourselves from the wrath of population explosion is what we must ponder upon," said Chief Guest Sailendra Pandey, Chairman, Northeast Chapter (JSF) in the webinar.

Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation, established since 2017 has been working tirelessly across the country to enforce the population control law by creating public awareness through campaigns and adopting strict law policies, Pandey claimed.

“We are not lagging behind in this regard in Assam either. Various programs have been taken up from Assam and the North East in particular,” added Pandey.

Pandey also mentioned that Jansankhya Samadhan Foundation doesn’t support in staging a roadside protest rather, they want to send a memorandum to 5 special departments, including the Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating that JSF wants the strictest population law to be enacted in the country as soon as possible.

Following the webinar, all the dignitaries agreed and expressed their willingness to come forward to submit the memorandum along with their family members in regards to JSF’s mission to enforce the Population Control Law across the country.

Meanwhile, the Assam Government has also implemented two-child policies in a recent advertisement for filling of Assam Secretariat vacancy. UP and Bihar government had also tried to introduce two-child policy for government jobs and panchayat elections in their states.

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