Karbi Anglong resident shares the ground reality of Dokmoka, post lynching incident
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Karbi Anglong resident shares the ground reality of Dokmoka, post lynching incident

G Plus News | June 12, 2018 11:53 hrs

The unfortunate and brutal mob lynching at Karbi Anglong where two boys from Guwahati lost their lives has not only shaken the entire state of Assam but has also put humanity in question.

As the news surfaced, there was an uproar of hatred for the people of Karbi Anglong and the region at large. While there were still people who stressed on the fact it's not the region but a section of inhuman uneducated people who are to blame, it has not calmed down the anger within the people of Assam.

Amidst all the condemnation and hate messages for Karbi Anglong, one Bornali Pathak, a resident of Karbi Anglong, took to Facebook to share the reality of the prevailing condition of Dokmoka village in the district.

In the words of Bornali, the situation in several rural areas of Karbi Anglong is 'disturbed'. People who have been residing there for years are still afraid to step out of their homes after sunset. Communication isn't feasible and lack of electricity is still a major concern.

Bornali has been serving as a teacher in a school in Dokmoka for five years now, and she shares the fact that her parents are very concerned and worried to let her go out 'freely'. She, being a resident of Karbi Anglong, is both sad and ashamed of what happened in her land, but calls this 'the real picture of Karbi Anglong' which has been prevailing for years now.

Bornali hopes that the situation will be tackled with calmness and a humane solution will be reached. She also prays for justice for the departed souls of Nilotpal and Abhijit.


File photo of Nilotpal and Abhijit

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