KFC customer cheated while placing order over phone  
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KFC customer in Guwahati cheated while placing order over phone  

Rahul Chanda | November 25, 2017 11:58 hrs

•    KFC customer cheated while placing order
•    Customer Parlee Gogoi searched for the KFC Lachit Nagar number online and called to place an order
•    She was asked to make a PayTM payment
•    After receiving payment her number was blocked
•    On contacting the KFC Lachit Nagar outlet she was informed that the fraudulent practice has been ongoing since
the last 8 days and a complaint has been registered with Dispur police
•    After 8 days, police are still clueless about the fraudster
•    The Investigating Officer claimed that the CDR is awaited 
•    Sources said telecom companies provide CDRs to police in two days

In an alarming incident, a customer was cheated when she placed her order at the KFC outlet of Lachit Nagar by a fraud claiming to be from KFC. 

A city-based foodie working in the corporate sector, Parlee Gogoi said, “I searched for the KFC Lachit Nagar contact number online and placed an order worth Rs 235.” She said that the person who received the call provided her the option of making the payment through PayTM. 

She immediately transferred the amount on to the number and after a few seconds she received a message that the order had been placed, payment was received and the order would be home-delivered after 30 minutes.

With the elapse of the given time and in fact, when after two hours the order was not delivered, Gogoi called the number again and found that her number had been blocked by the fraudster. When contacted from a different number the person received the call but hung up immediately. Some time later, the other number was also blocked. 

Gogoi immediately rushed to the KFC Lachit Nagar outlet where she was informed that this fraudulent practice had been going on since the last 8 days and she was the eighth victim. She was informed that KFC had already registered a complaint with Dipsur police and investigation is on.

KFC Area Manager, Saurav Das said, “We have received such complaints even from the Zoo Road outlet and the police have assured us that the culprit will be nabbed soon.” 

After 8 days police still clueless about the fraudster 

It’s been eight days that the first complaint was lodged with Dispur police but thepolice are still clueless about the fraudster. 

The investigation officer of the case said, “We are still waiting for the call detail record (CDR) after which the location of the number can be tracked.”

On enquiring how long it takes for the CDR to come, the officer said, “It takes some time.” 

A source in the crime branch said that some investigating officers do not make the necessary follow-up as the telecom companies take around two days to provide the CDR.

The CDR request is sent to the crime branch first which is forwarded to the concerned mobile company, which sends the CDR within 2 days.  

Many such cases were reported in the city earlier and in most of the cases the police are not able to track the culprits.

G Plus had earlier reported about a city-based resident who had called a Samsung customer care number availed from the net consequent to which a fake mechanic arrived at her house. The fake mechanic was arrested and let off on bail, but the gang operating the fake call centre based in Rajasthan is yet to be nabbed.    



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