KMSS announces Rs. 1 Lakh for information on person who threatened Akhil Gogoi
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KMSS announces Rs. 1 Lakh for information on person who threatened Akhil Gogoi

G Plus News | February 01, 2019 21:27 hrs

Earlier today, a video was released by a Bajrang Dal member, Tutu Manta on his Facebook profile, where Manta was seen threatening KMSS leader Akhil Gogoi and was called a “Muslim sympathizer.” Manta is a resident of Dangtol, Bongaigaon.

In the heated video Manta said, "Akhil Gogoi, I’m giving you first and last warning. You hold onto our ‘Hindugiri’ and don’t fight. You are a Bangladeshi! Don’t try to poison our Hindugiri. We are uniting the Hindus so let us do that.”

However, taking this argument up a notch, KMSS Bongaigaon District members located the residence of Manta in Bongaigaon and found the doors of the residence locked.

The KMSS Bongaigaon District has announced prize money of Rs. 1 Lakh if someone reveals the whereabouts of Manta.

The KMSS Bongaigaon District members have also sought the help of the police in nabbing Manta.

In the video, Manta further added that it is only because of the BJP that the country is undergoing progress and it is because of Gogoi that the state will “move into hands of Muslims.”

At the end of the video he mentioned, “Throw away the Muslims from our state, they are from Bangladesh. This is the last warning. Either I will die or kill you to make it clear. Let us announce it [Assam] as a Hindu Rashtra and don’t dare to mess with it.”

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  • Hrishikesh Bora

    As KMSS is a peasant organisation, how will the organisation will reward one lakh as farmers in our country is not so rich. Kindly explain