Landslides continue to torment Guwahati residents following heavy rainfall

Friday, 26 February 2021

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Landslides continue to torment Guwahati residents following heavy rainfall

G Plus News | July 10, 2019 11:03 hrs

GUWAHATI: It’s a double whammy for Guwahati residents as, on one hand, flash floods continue to torment the public and on the other, residents living near hilly areas undergo a perennial fear of landslides during the rainy season.  

According to reports, a massive landslide on Rani-Gorchuk connecting road disrupted the entire stretch of Koinadhora Path.

The landslide damaged two houses, and one person was severely injured. Currently, the vehicular movement in th
e area has been stopped.

As of now, the damage has not been paramount, but landslides are becoming regular every monsoon. There is a loss of both human lives and property due to these landslides. 

It should be noted that most of Guwahati has hills surrounding it and there are hills within the city, too. People have constructed houses in these hills and on land bordering these hills. Heavy downpour not only loosens the soil and brings silt down to the drains, but it also causes landslides which have become common during the rainy season. These landslides can mostly be contributed to human activities (illegal hill cutting) and constructing abodes in areas which are not suitable for living.


Koinadhora Path

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