Many Muslim Boys Create Facebook Accounts to Marry Hindu Girls : Himanta Biswa | Assam News

Saturday, 05 December 2020

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Many Muslim Boys Create Facebook Accounts to Marry Hindu Girls, says Himanta Biswa

G Plus News | October 15, 2020 14:03 hrs

GUWAHATI: Assam State Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma stated about the "breach of trust" in marriages of Hindu girls when it comes to marrying Muslim boys while addressing media, reported ANI.

"Many Muslim boys create Facebook accounts with Hindu names and post pictures of themselves at temples. Once a girl gets married to one such boy, she discovers that he is not from the same religion. This is a not a bona fide marriage but a breach of trust,” said Sarma

He further revealed that the Assam government has decided to act tough on the matter. "Next 5 years we'll try to see that all marriages take place out of free will and there is no deception. We will fight against any such marriage which has been solemnised on the basis of fraud," added Sarma.

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  • Bruhhindu

    Are Hindu women so horny that they'll let themselves swooped by Facebook accounts that contact them? That's a problem