Megadeth frontman diagnosed with throat cancer

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

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Megadeth frontman diagnosed with throat cancer

G Plus News | June 17, 2019 23:03 hrs

GUWAHATI: Dave Mustaine, frontman of thrash legends Megadeth, has been diagnosed with throat cancer.

The official social media handles of the band, considered to be one of the 'Big Four' of thrash metal, announced this just a few hours ago. The news was delivered via a personal message by Mustaine himself and was received by fans of the band and the music industry with a sense of immense sadness.

In the message, the Dave Mustaine announced that all future tour plans had been cancelled due to his medical condition and he also said that the band was in the studios, working on the follow up to 'Dystopia,' their last LP.

As for the treatment, he said he was working 'closely' with his doctors and they felt there was a 90% success rate.

Megadeth had toured the Northeast in the first edition of NH7 Shillong and enjoys a cult like status among metal fans all over the world.


Dave Mustaine

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