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Tuesday, 11 August 2020

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Nature Lover’s Campaign by City NGO Garners Huge Support

G Plus News | June 05, 2020 11:38 hrs

GUWAHATI: With a vision of sensitizing the country environmentally, Small Wish International, set in motion a nature lover’s movement under its CCEP initiative (Consumer’s Commitment for Environmental Protection). The initiative debuted with pledges from artists, students, and environmentalists from across the state of Assam.

Right after its debut, the initiative gained momentum and received pledges from Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Sikkim, Kerala, Karnataka Haryana, Delhi, Jharkhand and continues to impel the citizens of the country to harness themselves for a global cause. 

“India faces huge environmental conservation challenges and poverty, unemployment, rising demand of the growing population is placing severe pressures on natural resources. People and the government are distracted from the essential task of conserving nature. This pledge is the first step to bring behavioural and lifestyle changes among the Indian consumers at the grassroots level to turn them into eco-friendly consumers,” said Sheikh Arif Ahmed, CEO of Small Wish International. 

“I’m glad people are recognizing the indispensable role of nature in supporting our health and well being and are talking about conservation issues and thinking about their consumption impact on the environment,” he added.

Small Wish International is a non-profit organization primarily focused on developing community participation methodologies and strategy models towards implementing reinvigorating initiatives to end poverty, empower women and to protect the environment.

The movement has received support by students from many universities across the city. “We the students of TISS Guwahati will surely be pro-actively part of the larger community and follow your lead in this campaign” said Kabithui Rongmei, President of TISS, Guwahati.

Another city student leader, Anurag Kalyan Borgohain, President, PGSU from Gauhati University pledged, “We, the Post Graduate Students Union 2019-2020 of Gauhati University will be obliged to participate and co-operate in this movement to build a healthy and green environment.”

“I appreciate the initiative of Small Wish International. And we the students of Cotton University are always with you,” said Hirak Jyoti Patowary, President of Cotton University Student Union in support of the initiative.

Tezpur University was another University to have joined in on the noble cause. “We liked this initiative very much and it is a much needed one at this time. We will be glad to be a part of this initiative and spread the word among our students so that everyone can make their best contribution,” said Jyotishpal Deka, President of the University Student’s Council. 

Students took their pledges and their student leader gave official statements stating their support towards this nature lover’s campaign.

Among a few eminent persons who joined the initiative were the Forest Man of India, Padma Shri Jadav Payeng, Elvis Ali Hazarika (Renowned Swimmer) and Jatin Bora (Actor, Public Figure), who pledged to become eco friendly consumers under the CCEP initiative.

The initiative reached more than 15 thousand people in two days. Pledges also started coming in internationally from Sri Lanka, United States, Finland and Turkey.

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