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NEP Will Help Curb the Gap Between Education and Research: PM Modi

G Plus News | August 07, 2020 15:25 hrs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday delivered the inaugural address at the 'Conclave on Transformational Reforms in Higher Education under National Education Policy (NEP)' through video conferencing.

The conclave has been organized by the Ministry of Education along with the University Grants Commission (UGC). 

Throwing light on various aspects of the new education policy, the Prime Minister urged all to work towards the implementation of new national educa
tion policy.


Here are the key points from PM Modi's address:

1. National Education Policy was approved after extensive discussions over 3-4 years and deliberation over lakhs of suggestions: PM Modi

2. NEP is the foundation of strengthening the 21st century India. Every student will be future-ready and will contribute to nation-building: PM Modi

3. After introducing such a big reform through this New Education Policy, all eyes are on its implementation: PM Modi 

4. A holistic approach was needed to improve education in India and NEP is doing this successfully. Currently, the education system focuses on ‘What to think’ but this NEP focuses on ‘How to think’. Nowadays, every information is available on the internet. But students need to know what they have to consume: PM Modi 

5. Multidisciplinary course multiple entries and exit options will allow the students to study what they want to study and how much to study. Students can leave the course whenever they want: PM Modi


6. New education policy will help curb the gap between education and research: PM Modi

7. NEP focuses on the up-skilling of teacher and teacher-training. We have kept in mind the dignity of teachers. When a teacher learns, a nation leads: PM Modi

PM Modi concluded his speech by thanking everyone who has worked tirelessly for the new education policy and invited everyone to contribute to shaping the future of the 21st century through this policy. “The purpose of education is to make good human beings with skill and expertise,” he said, quoting Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.


PM Modi addressing conclave on NEP

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