New Format for Test Cricket introduced

Friday, 26 February 2021

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New Format for Test Cricket introduced

G Plus Digital Desk | December 15, 2017 12:03 hrs

Test matches, one of Cricket’s oldest formats, has witnessed a steady decline in attendance in recent years, throwing the door open to a number of novel means to engage fans, including the introduction of day-night Tests.

With the new rule being introduced, the four-day test will have a minimum of 98 overs per day; with effect from four-day test between South Africa and Zimbabwe starting later this month in Port Elizabeth.

International Cricket Council (ICC) granted
its official status and welcomed countries to experiment with the format.

ICC playing conditions deem that a minimum of 90 overs must be bowled per day during a five-day Test match, so the play will now be extended for an extra 30 minutes to accommodate the additional eight overs.

Here’s all you should know about the new cricket format put to the test:

  • 6 ½ hours of play / minimum 98 overs per day
  • Usual 30 minutes overtime available to complete the minimum overs
  • 2 intervals, spanning a combined 60 minutes (this is the current provision we have in place for day/night Tests and provides flexibility for scheduling over 4 days)
  • Maximum scheduled session length is 2 ½ hours, with the minimum 2 hours
  • 30 minutes available to make-up for lost time on the day
  • No make-up time carried over to subsequent days.
  • Follow-on becomes 150 runs (rather than 200 runs) as per the Laws of Cricket

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