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Thursday, 13 August 2020

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NFR recovers Rs 1.05 crore from ticket less travelers in 11 days

GPlus | September 01, 2016 23:39 hrs

Continuing the drive against ticket-less travelers, N. F. Railway has apprehended 16,807 ticketless travelers during the 11 day period from 20th August to 31st August and recovered Rs.1.05 crores as fare and fine from them. A similar drive in the period from 22nd July to 28th July had yielded about one crores rupees from 14,548 persons. The drive carried out by personnel of Commercial and Security department in all the five divisions viz. Katihar, Alipurduar, Rangiya, Lumding and Tinsukia, saw as many as 180 railwaymen carry out special check in prominent stations all over the NF Railway and in important trains. As a result of the drive, there had been perceptible increase of 12.25% in window sale of un-reserved tickets. Because of such efforts, N. F. Railway’s earnings from ticket checking during first four month of the current financial year has increased by almost 43% and a total of approximately Rs. 15 crore has been realised from ticket-less travellers. This earning from ticketless travellers is 18.6% more than the target set by Railway Board and the increase is the highest in percentage and net terms since the inception of NF Railway.    N.F Railway has announced to carry similar drives against ticket-less travellers in teh coming days.  
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