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Thursday, 26 November 2020

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NIA Court Orders Jail Administration to Provide the Necessary Treatment to Akhil Gogoi

G Plus News | July 08, 2020 15:12 hrs

GUWAHATI: On July 7, the NIA Court ordered the Guwahati Central Jail administration to provide the necessary treatment to both Akhil Gogoi and student leader Bitu Sonowal. 

Dasarath Das, IGP of Guwahati Central Jail, speaking to G Plus said, “We have collected the swab of both of them as per the NIA court’s order. Their results will be declared in the next 3 to 4 days. We might hospitalise him then if it is required. Akhil Gogoi has already been suffering from skin
ailment. He is being treated under GMCH. He is also being treated by the jail doctors. His condition is not as serious as has been published outside. His health is alright now.”

Earlier, Krishna Gogoi, Akhil Gogoi’s advocate, had informed G Plus, “The NIA court has ordered the central jail for Akhil Gogoi’s treatment. We have also filed two petitions with the NIA court regarding this. Since the authorities have prevented us from meeting him in person we do not have much information.”

It has been 208 days since peasant leader and president of the Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti (KMSS), Akhil Gogoi, has been in prison. Gogoi has apparently been unwell since the 2nd of July. This was reported by Gogoi himself when he was presented before the court through video conferencing. He complained of fever, cough and headache - all COVID-19 symptoms - and expressed worry about being infected by coronavirus.

Gitashree Tamuly, Akhil Gogoi’s wife, speaking to G Plus said, “It’s been months now. Since we do not have a TV at home we do not get his news. I learned about Akhil’s health from Facebook posts. He has symptoms of Covid. I get many phone calls from well wishers asking about his health. But I myself have no news. Earlier when he was in Dibrugarh, the DGP had asked me to submit an online request with the DC to meet Akhil. But the same was rejected.”

“I went to meet him a number of times. I visited the jail with permission from the NIA court. However, the advocate and I were both denied permission by the jail authorities to meet him. I was hoping to see him on 29th June, the day he was supposed to be produced in court, but then the lockdown got implemented in Guwahati,” she added.

Earlier also, the peasant leader had allegedly fallen ill while in jail and had to spend three days without treatment. He was then suffering from kidney stone, gastric ulcer and back pain.

Gogoi’s mother, Priyada Gogoi, after receiving the news of her son’s ill health said, “Better kill Akhil. I’d have no one after his death. And the government will be solely responsible for his death.”

Reportedly, Akhil Gogoi along with many other inmates of the Central Jail had staged a protest on 25th June against the various issues faced by them such as improper food, lack of drinking water, unhygienic conditions etc.


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