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Friday, 04 December 2020

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'Once in a Blue Moon' Phenomenon to be Observed Today

G Plus News | October 31, 2020 11:16 hrs

GUWAHATI: A Blue Moon will be visible in the night sky on October 31st from around 8:19 pm.

October has two full moons out of which the second moon is usually anointed as ‘Blue Moon’. The occurrence of the first full moon took place around October 1 and October 2. 

Earlier, Arvind Paranjpye, director of Nehru Planetarium informed that there are two full moons this October. When there are two full moons in a calendar month, the second full m
oon is called the Blue Moon, Paranjpye said.

The Blue Moon will also coincide with Halloween, which is observed in many countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows' Day.

"A Blue Moon will rise on Halloween. It's named not for its colour, but for its rarity. About every 2.5 years, a month has two full Moons, the second called a "Blue" Moon. The U.S. hasn't had one on Halloween in all time zones since 1944," NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory posted on Twitter.


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  • Tushar

    My poem best describes this event , listen to it here : https://www.instagram.com/p/CHAfCQLllEq/?igshid=1m73kmy7tgr6t