PM Modi not a “Chowkidar” anymore

Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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PM Modi not a “Chowkidar” anymore

G Plus News | May 23, 2019 18:44 hrs

GUWAHATI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has removed the prefix of “Chowkidar” from his twitter handle. He has also urged everyone else who have added the prefix to remove it as well.


“Now, the time has come to take the Chowkidar Spirit to the next level… The people of India became Chowkidars… Chowkidar has become a powerful symbol to safeguard India from the evils of casteism, communalism, corruption and cronyism,” he tweeted.&nb

The PM also added that even though he has removed the prefix, it will remain an integral part of him. 


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