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Wednesday, 27 January 2021

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PM Narendra Modi Releases Commemorative Coin of Rs 75 Denomination

G Plus News | October 16, 2020 13:20 hrs

GUWAHATI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday, October 16, released a commemorative coin of Rs 75 denomination to mark the 75th anniversary of the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. 

The Rs 75 coin was released to mark the long-standing relation of India with FAO. 

The Prime Minister also dedicated to the nation 17 recently developed biofortified varieties of eight crops on World Food Day.

The move
came at a time when several farmers have refused to call of their ongoing agitation against the contentious agricultural laws, despite holding talks with the Centre recently.

"The journey of FAO in making the vulnerable classes and masses stronger, economically and nutritionally, has been unparalleled. India has had a historic association with FAO. Indian Civil Service Officer Dr Binay Ranjan Sen was the Director General of FAO during 1956-1967. The World Food Programme, which has won the Nobel Peace Prize 2020, was established during his time. India's proposals for the International Year of Pulses in 2016 and the International Year of Millets 2023 have also been endorsed by FAO," the Prime Minister's Office had said in a statement.


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