Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Faces difficult time Managing its Rhino Population
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Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary Faces difficult time Managing its Rhino Population

G Plus News | March 18, 2019 11:50 hrs

GUWAHATI: Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary is having a difficult time managing its rhino population as a very high concentration of the animals are sheltered in the sanctuary. 

In a report by The Assam Tribune, the high density of these animals has increased the number of incidences where rhinos have strayed out of the sanctuary in search of food and space. There have also been a number of cases of infighting among male rhinos, which has had another disturbing fallout. 

The forest personnel because of this face a number of problems including having to monitor and follow rhinos that move far away from the sanctuary, especially after sunset. 

Based on a recent GPS mapping, straying rhinos cover an area of 372 sq. km. whereas the size of the sanctuary is only 38.81 sq. km. 

A forest official mentioned that the rhinos often stray into riverine areas, which makes monitoring them even difficult. The officials often have to use boats to keep a track of the rhinos. 

Based on the last census, Pobitora has 102 rhinos, and a frontline guard strength of 68 personnel who also have to man the forest camps. 

The solution to this problem is transferring these rhinos from Pobitora to other habitats, according to the forest official so that the ecological and sociological carrying capacity of the sanctuary can be maintained. 

Pobitora is located around 40 kms. from the city and is home to a total of 24 species of mammals,  27 species of reptiles and 216 species of birds recorded so far. It has 18.44 percent of woodland and 14.66 percent of wetland respectively.


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